Meeting Report: September 28, 2015

Program 9-28-15 John Davis

John Davis is the President Elect of the Lenoir club and recently returned from a trip to Bolivia to help build new foot bridges over riverbeds. Rotary provided $47,700 and our club contributed $1,000 of that.

Program 9-28-15 Old Bridge

This is one of the dangerous old bridges to be replaced.

Program 9-28-15 Bridge Thank You

The man in the middle is thanking Davis for Rotary’s help. Davis said you can’t see it in the photo, but he said he was tearing up as the man spoke.




Program 9-28-15 Young

Elizabeth Young announced the Hunger & Health Coalition will have a masquerade ball to raise funds on October 30th. See details at their website



Program 9-28-15 Klaus

Klaus Schirow is leaving for Florida until April. He is 87 and joined Rotary in 1960!


Program 9-28-15 Finance Committee

Members of the finance committee met Monday prior to the regular meeting to discuss the club budget. Our finances are excellent. No action was taken. Clockwise around the table are Ray Pickett, Basil Kuzyszyn, Bill Leahey, Jim Clabough, Greg Davis, Chuck Canady and Mike Capristo. Not pictured was the photographer, John Marshall.

Meeting Report: September 21, 2015

President Basil Kuzyszyn (second from right) and President-Elect Ray Pickett (far left) pose with $23,000 check and representatives of organizations who received proceeds from this year’s charity auction.

President Basil Kuzyszyn (second from right) and President-Elect Ray Pickett (far left) pose with $23,000 check and representatives of organizations who received proceeds from this year’s charity auction. Photo courtesy of The Blowing Rocket.

Rotarians Earn $500 for Club at the Blowing Rock Music Festival

The Blowing Rock Music Festival paid our club $500 for helping with parking Saturday. Here are pictures of our members hard at work!

2015 BR Music Festival Art

Art Scurlock waiting to help park cars.


2015 BR Music Festival Barber

David Barber looks in charge with his two-way radio!


2015 BR Music Festival Howe Thorn Vanstory

Betty Howe, Bill Thorn and Virginia Vanstory taking a break!


2015 BR Music Festival Howe

This is how it’s done!  Betty Howe helping a driver park at the Music Festival.


2015 BR Music Festival Mendel

No, he’s not hailing a cab.  Rob Mendel is helping park cars at the Blowing Rock Music Festival.


2015 BR Music Festival Thorn

Bill Thorn is pointing people in the right direction!


Meeting Report: September 14, 2015

Program 9-14-15 Mckenzie Stop Hunger Now

Pattie Mackenzie, International Marketing and Development Manager for Stop Hunger Now, gave an overview of the program that packages meals for about 29 cents each and provoded over 200 million meals around the world last year. Much of the packaging is done by Rotarians (our club helped package over 100,000 meal packets in 2010). Mackenzie started as an intern while at NC State five years ago when she decided to do something really meaningful in her life.


Stop Hunger Now Meal Distribution by Region as presented by Pattie Mackenzie.


2015 July 4th Parade Beauregarde

In Memoriam: Beauregard (Our 4th of July Parade Mascot). Mike and Cindy Kebelbeck’s beloved dog, Beauregard (a.k.a. “Beau”), passed away on August 3, 2015 at the age of 12. Parade watchers and especially kids loved seeing Beau with Blowing Rock Rotarians in the July 4th parades the past three years. We will really miss little Beau.


Program 9-14-15 Basil and Penny

President Basil Kuzyszyn was presided wearing his horse collar after successful neck surgery at Duke. Welcome back!


Program 9-14-15 Kenneth

Kenneth Werhmann, our liason to the App State Rotaract club, asked members to volunteer as speakers for them.

Van Joffrion in Swaziland, Africa offers free eye care


Below is a letter from Van Joffrion, who is in Swaziland doing free eye care:

I have been here 10 days and feel fully part of the eye staff.  The hardest part is learning the routines and local names of eye meds.  The clinical part has come back well and I am comfortable practicing.  The Internet is a wonderful resource for medical information and there is wifi in the hospital.  My biggest challenges are the diseases of the eye exacerbated by HIV.  My South African colleague has been a great help in this area.  The HIV epidemic is large and without a change in folkways and mores, all the meds in the world will not solve the problem.



The Swazi people are closely kin to the Zulus.  They are gentle and friendly and quiet spoken.  The Swazis actually asked the British to protect them from the Zulus during colonial times; so Swaziland was a British protectorate and not a colony.  There is not the same history of apartheid here that there was in South Africa and relationships between the races are good.
FullSizeRender4The Good Shepherd Hospital where I work was started by Catholics and has a good and compassionate staff.  The church has pretty well left now and the hospital is supported through patient fees and mission aid.  The population here is better off than in Haiti, Ethiopia, and Madagascar where I’ve worked before.
I had a pleasant surprise as a group from Christian Blind Mission (Canada) visited and I got an update on the people and organizations I used to work with.  CBM does wonderful work around the world.  So much of medical care in Sub-Sarahan Africa is due to the work of Christian missions.  The compassionate medical service has had a lot to do with the spread of Christianity.
FullSizeRender5We are reading Acts in the Bible study and Stephen is next. I have volunteered to lead the Bible study on the speech and martyrdom of Stephen next Wednesday.  It is a beautiful and tragic story.  Intelligent and interesting folks in the group.

FullSizeRender1I moved into Dr Pon’s home last night as a house sitter. There is a full time cook and a cleaner; so I feel a little like I am at Downton Abbey!!  (I haven’t rung any bells for service yet and I still dress myself !!).  I don’t lack for the comforts of home.
I have been to the nearby (30 minutes) game park twice.  Still have not seen the elusive lion, but next time will use a guide.  They were booked up last visit.  Had a good talk with Margaret yesterday. She is thriving very well without me.
Thank you for your prayers.
Many blessings to all.



2015 Career Day at Holmes Center

Career Day Chair Chuck Canady called this year’s Career Day on September 4th a big success even thoough there were about twice as many students (around 600) This year they accepted both 7th and 8th graders. He thanked all the volunteers who made it possible:

Sandy Barber (The official Career Day photographer)
David Barber
Kenneth Wehrmann (He recruited the Rotaract club members to help).
Kathy Canady
Jim Clabough
Hank and Pat Collins
Wayne and Kathryn Holliday
Bill Leahey
Mike and Cindy Kebelbeck
Greg Tarbutton
Kitty Lumpkin
Ed Tausche
Frank Vaden
Jim and Joyce Zellner

Chuck said he has received grateful feedback from teachers and presenters for the Rotary volunteers. Chuck added “Volunteers, please give yourselves a big round of applause for walking up and down stairs, hearing bathroom requests all day and doing it with smiles on your faces, even though your feet or backs were starting to ache!”

Here’s some photos from the event. You can see many more by clicking here:

2015 Career Day Photo Gallery


Wayne Holliday leads his group to the next booth.

Wayne Holliday leads his group to the next booth.


Wow! That's a lot of kids!

Wow! That’s a lot of kids!


Chuck Canady briefs the troops on the logistics.

Chuck Canady briefs the troops on the logistics.


2015 Career Day Chef Booth