2012 Gag Gifts from Santa


Jim Woolery gets his “Wooly Willy” game as Mike Capristo asks “What the heck is a Wooly Willy??

Santa gives Wayne just what he needs to help keep track of attendance: An abacus!


Santa gives Guido, Rotary’s “Tough Guy” a new gangster hat.

Van, a retired eye doctor gets a better pair of sunglasses.


Santa said he pulled some strings and got Terry, Blowing Rock Rotary’s sharp dressed man, on the cover of GQ magazine.

Scott gets a Town Manager hat so he will be easier to find.

Ron(who always hits the dessert table first at our meetings) gets a box of Little Debbie cakes.

Santa heard members have a hard time hearing Rita doing Happy Dollars at club meetings so he got her a megaphone.


One of our newest members, Ray Pickett, needs something to do during the off season when his Blowing Rock Inn is closed, so Santa brought him one of those paddles with the rubber ball attached. Remember that Governor scene in “Blazing Saddles”?

Santa brought Randy a toy alligator from Florida so he will feel more at home while he is in the mountains.



Santa heard what a die hard Gamecock fan Orian is so he gave him a rubber chicken. The chicken didn’t handle the trip from the North Pole too well, though.

Santa couldn’t afford a real emerald for Lynn, but he brought her a green-painted rock to remind her of her gem mine.


Linda, our country girl Prez got a new straw hat.

Mike Kebelbeck got a duck bill for his Oregon duck collection. He wore it proudly!


Santa brought John Marshall a new racecar to take out on the track.


Santa gave Jerry a mustache kit to use until his beard and mustache grow in. He put on one of them and gave some out to other members to wear



Santa figured Howard, like every fisherman, needed a four foot long “Fisherman’s Yardstick” for proper measurement of his catch.

Della got an “Honorary Christmas Elf” certificate for her years of dedicated service to the spirit of Christmas.


Santa heard that Cullie would be the official auctioneer for the clubs charity auction in 2013, so he gave him a special gavel, big enough to get bidders’ attention. Cullie said later he can’t wait to use it!

Jim Clabough not only had done a superb job running the charity horse show fundraiser for two years now, Santa heard he is also lucky. Jim won a case of wine and a 50-50 pot over $400 this year. So Santa gave him a pair of lucky horseshoe glasses. Jim wore them proudly! Along with one of Jerry’s mustaches.



Santa got confused and thought Chuck Canady’s last name was Canada, so he got him a maple leaf flag. Oops!

Santa managed to get Chip on the cover of The Rolling Stone!


Chamber President Charles Hardin got a handshake buzzer to help him greet newcomers to town.

Mike Capristo, who has done such a great job running the dictionary project got a different kind of book: Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary!


Bob Whatley got a new sign for his Accountant parking spot.

As the club member to go to to get things done, Betty got a can of “CAN-DO”!


Santa heard Basil is so good natured about his hard-to-spell last name, so he got him a can of Campbell’s Chicken Alphabet soup. He later said it was appropriate because his commanding officer used to call him “Alphabet”!

The club’s “Barbie and Ken” couple found themselves on the cover of their very own “Barbie & Bill” comic book!



Art, the club’s bill collector got a little help when Santa brought him a persuasive baseball bat!