2014 Not-So Newlywed Game

Program 2-10-14 Bill and Marion Thorn

Marion Thorn gets in a good laugh when Howard Williams commented about their wedding picture in the background. Since it was the one picture in black and white, Howard got in a good jab when he asked “Was that before color?”


Program 2-10-14 Bob and Sabine Miller

Bob and Sabine Miller and Terry Eskind react to some of J.B. and Lynn Lawrence’s silliness.


Program 2-10-14 J.B. and Lynn Lawrence

Lynn Lawrence has to think a minute about how J.B. answered a question about how she lets him know she is upset with him.


Program 2-10-14 J.B. Lynn Bob Sabine

Couples one and two listen carefully to Bob Eubanks next question.


Program 2-10-14 Linda Della J.B. Lynn Bob Sabine

Lynn looks to J.B.’s card for his answer as Della Marshall (Bob Eubanks “lovely assistant”) and official scorekeeper Linda Slade look on.


Program 2-10-14 Marshall

President-Elect John Marshall channeling Bob Eubanks the best he can with Past President Linda Slade ready at her scoreboard.

Lawrence Wedding Photo

Cute kids. 18 years old on their wedding day. Lynn and J.B. Lawrence.


Sabine and Bob Engagement Day

Look at all that blond hair! Young and in love on Christmas Eve, their engagement day in 1973. Bob and Sabine Miller.


Thorn Wedding Photo

The Listerine worked!  Bill and Marion Thorn on their wedding day in 1964.