March 20, 2017 Program

Mary Anne Redding, Curator and Assistant Director of Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, spoke Monday about the “Community & Sustainability along The New River”. Since March is Rotary’s Water and Sanitation Month, her topic certainly was in keeping with the monthly theme, as she shared the number of times the New River Conservacy, (which boasts of our member, Linda Slade, as its director), has cleaned up the river along its path as it winds its way throughout North Carolina and beyond. Both Linda and Mary Anne has reported the amount of trash collected last year, amounting to over 21,000 pounds.

The Turchin Center role, in all of this, is their artistic display at the center, using items dredged from the New River banks and waters. According to Mary Anne, a hunting knife and a pair of Cavalry Boots, are just a couple of the interesting items pulled from the river. “The New River as it is now known, has been designated North Carolina State National Scenic River (1975)”, “National & Scenic River (1976)”, and “American Heritage River (1998)”, is the only United States river with all three designations” said Mary Anne.

The Mayer Gallery, where the collected trash is displayed, is one of the very few, if any, galleries with windows. Normally windows are eliminated to avoid the sun rays affecting the art work displayed, but in this gallery, visitors can first view the display from outside before entering the gallery, should they chose to do so. “The exhibit”, said Mary Anne, “ has more visitors than any other exhibit in the Center.”

Linda Slade reported at the Board of Directors meeting that May 19th has been slated for this years Rotary Cleanup Day. All members of our club are encouraged to participate in this effort, if you are available.