Paul Harris Fellows


Named after the founder of Rotary International, the Foundation Chairperson grants the Paul Harris Fellow award to those Rotarians who have donated at least $1000 to the Rotary Foundation. These are the members and former members of the Blowing Rock Rotary Club who earned the Paul Harris Fellow award. Those with the designation PHF after their name have given more than $1000, with the number after PHF being how many additional thousands they have given.


John Albright#
Walton C. Allen *
Web Alexander #
Richard E. Arey *
James D. Ayoub#
Stanley E. Bania *
Homer Barrett *
William C. Bauknight *
Brian C. Bennet#
John D. Bradsher #
JoAnn Bradsher @
William H. Burrow #
John W. Calvin PHF+1
Mike Capristo PHF
Orian C. Carter PHF+1
Ronald G. Catlett #
Jim Clabough PHF+3
Karen Clabough@
Rodney W. Clark #
Richard M. Crandell#
Sharon Crissman PHF+1
Raymond E. Daly #
Robert G. Darst #
Rita Davis PHF+1
William W. Dodge III*
Vernon Dunn PHF
Joe Dyer PHF+1
Chip Eidel PHF
E. Frank Fary, Jr. PHF+2
Robert B. Gibson *
Larry Greene#
Charles Hardin PHF
Maurice R. Harrison *
Jerry Hutchens#
Adam Hill#
Lynn S. Hill PHF+1l
Scott Hildebrand#
W. Joseph Hopkins *
Larry Houk#
Betty Carol Howe PHF+3
John W. Jackson #
Brita Jarndall
Van Joffrion PHF+2
Jonathan M. Jones #
Mike Kebelbeck#
Joe Kiker#
Henry R. Knoll #
Wiliiam F. Koerschner* PHF+2
J.B. Lawrence PHF
William F. Leahey PHF+1
Kitty Lumpkin PHF
Charles H. Marcotte #
John Marshall#
Wiliiam H. Mason*
Annete Green-Mayes PHF+1 #
James H. Mayes* PHF+1
Robert Mendell PHF
Sabine B. Miller PHF+1
Cobb Milner, Jr.#
Samuel T. Morgan*
Ronald J. Oberle PHF +2
Fred Oliver #
Susan Oliver @
Robert J. Olson #
Barbara Parker PHF+2
William A. Parker PHF+7
A.B. Pearson*
John D. Penn *
Joey Perdue PHF
L. Staples Pierce *
Hayden Pitts *
Franzika Rae PHF
David Rogers #
Kim Rogers #
John O. Rundell PHF+1
Alice Salthouse PHF+1
Klaus W. Schirow PHF+6
Hovey D. Scoggins *
Linda Slade PHF
James Steele PHF+1
Francis L. Slattery*
Lisle Snyder*
Randolph Stevens#
Sara Charles Stevens@
Evalyn C. Suddeth #
Bill Suttle#
Kent L. Tarbutton#
Cullie Tarleton PHF+1
Charles L. Tarr *
Frank Vaden PHF+1
Caroline Vaden@
Virginia B. Vanstory PHF+8
Edwin B. Vosburg*
Caroll Weathers *
Kenneth Wehrmann PHF
Dee J. West #
Derald M, West* PHF+1
James D. West PHF+2
Robert W. Whatley PHF+1
T. Al Wheeler, Jr.*
Ann Williams PHF+1
Howard Williams#
Jim Woolery PHF+1*
David Wray# PHF+1

* = Deceased
# = Former Members

PHF+1-9 = Multiple Paul Harris Fellows
@ = Spouses of Members/Former Members