September 25th, 2017 Program and Events

Patty Adams, Executive Director of Spirit Ride, along with her husband, Craig, and board member Callia Hall, told the audience at our meeting last Monday about “Spirit Ride. Spirit Ride is a non-profit organization that provides individuals with special needs the opportunity to learn, grow and strive to become their ideal selves through equine related therapeutic and educational opportunities. With the understanding that having a family member with special needs has an effect on the family unit as a whole-both blessings and challenges. They believe that to best serve the child’s needs they must serve the entire family. Therefore, the Sprit Ride program encourages family participation in all therapeutic sessions. This not assists in the growth & development of each and every family member, but also helps to transfer the therapeutic intervention from the session to the day-to-day home life of a child.. The areas of development the try to cover are: Improvement of bance & coordination, flexibility & core muscle development, sequencing, speech & communication, self esteem & self confidence, independence, social development and physical health & well being. When an eleven year old child marries with a 1200 pound horse and they begin to realize the control they have over this huge animal, they develop self confidence and self esteem. Why horses? Spirit Ride says there is something about a horse that connects with these children. Each child is assigned a horse based on their needs corresponding to the characteristic of the horse. Their trained and certified staff evaluates the child’s needs before assigning them to a specific horse. A study by a leading medical school recently published in the peer reviewed “Journal for Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine” showed that 24 children were moved from severely autistic to mildly autistic and in one case to non-autistic in just six months of intervention with their researched-based, award-winning methods. For more information on Spirit Horse methods, go to: